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  • Off Grid Home

    Off-grid vs. Being Energy Neutral by Net Metering

    We still run into people who have a hard time understanding net metering, even though everyone seems to understand…

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  • Turbinetypes

    Types of Turbines

    Turbines are also divided by their principle of operation and can be: An Impulse turbine, which is driven by a high-velocity jet (or multiple jets) of water. A Reaction turbine. The rotor of a reaction turbine is fully immersed in water and is enclosed in …

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  • Graph Flowduration

    Flow Duration Curve

    There are two ways of expressing the variation in river flow over the year: the annual hydrograph and the Flow Duration Curve or FDC, as illustrated below. The annual hydrograph is the easiest to understand, since it simply shows the day-by-day variation in flow over …

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  • Historyhydroelectric

    The History of Hydropower

    The first hydroelectric scheme was installed in Wisconsin in 1882…

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  • Icon Building2

    Ways of using hydro power

    Understanding the ways of using hydro power… grid tied, net metering, feed-in-tariff, and off-grid.

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  • Scales22

    Net Metering Versus Feed In Tariff Grid Connections

    Net Metering Grid Tied Net Metered systems involve connecting your system to the power grid but you use the power, and it offsets your electric bill. If you don’t produce as much electricity as you use then the grid just supplies the difference and you …

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  • Icon Battery

    Power versus energy

    What’s the difference between Power and Energy? – know what you’re talking about.

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  • Icon Diversion

    The Anatomy of a Diversion Hydro Site

    Terms like weir and penstock got you confused? We’ll help you understand these as well and how a diversion hydro site works.

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  • Icon Hydropower

    Types of hydro power

    Understanding the types of hydro power – impoundment, diversion, pumped storage… we’ll explain them.

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  • Icon Diversion

    The Anatomy of an Impoundment Hydro Site

    Understanding the anatomy of an impoundment hydro site – terms like head, flow , tail race, impoundment, depleted reach, got you confused? We’ll help you get oriented to understand not only the terms, but how an impoundment hydro site works.

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