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  • Canadian Museum of Nature Honours GreenBug Energy

    The Canadian Museum of Nature, Canada’s national museum of natural history and natural sciences, is pleased to announce GreenBug Energy as one of the finalists for the 2016 Nature Inspiration Awards.

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  • Greenbug Energy Ministersaward

    GreenBug Energy recipient of the 2015 Minister’s Award for Environmental Excellence

    GreenBug Energy is honoured to be the recipient of the 2015 Minister’s Award for Environmental Excellence.

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  • GreenBug Honoured By The Province Simcoe Reformer April21 2016

    GreenBug honoured by the province

    Greenbug Energy Inc. of Delhi has received the 2015 Minister’s Award for Environmental Excellence. Forget April 22, GreenBug Energy Inc. in Delhi has the future of the planet in mind all year long…

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  • Dam 2

    Archimedes Meets Machine Learning in Green Energy Project

    University of Guelph engineers are helping to turn small dams into cost-effective renewable energy sources Researchers at U of G are helping to turn small dams around Ontario into mini powerhouses pumping out renewable energy, particularly for rural users. Engineering professors Dave Lubitz, Bahram Gharabaghi …

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  • CanadianGeographic Cover2

    GreenBug Featured in Canadian Geographic April 2016

    The April 2016 issue of Canadian Geographic features an article on GreenBug Energy. The article includes a two page spread of a very informative graphic that is shown below. We’ve included a copy of the online article below as well but you can also read …

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  • Off Grid Home

    Off-grid vs. Being Energy Neutral by Net Metering

    We still run into people who have a hard time understanding net metering, even though everyone seems to understand…

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  • FastLane

    Speedway Fast Lane Stories: GreenBug Energy Inc.

    Turning a profit to help the planet
    Micro hydro innovator GreenBug Energy stands alone in North America in repurposing ancient technology for environmentally friendly power generation, with the potential to turn thousands of small dams that have been ignored for decades into revenue-generating assets.

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  • Comparison

    FIT pricing.

    Jurisdictions in the United States, and the United Kingdom have higher Feed in Tariff rates than Ontario in spite of arguably having less risky and less costly regulatory environments. The conclusion is that Ontario rates must go up to match the more risky and more costly regulatory environment in Ontario or …

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  • Population


    Many of our problems are simply because we’ve got too many people on the planet now. If we had only 3.5 billion people on the planet instead of…

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  • Markets

    False Markets.

    Comments by many who argue that Feed in Tariff programs just create “false or fake markets” and “that In a free and democratic country, a commodity’s price should be determined by the marketplace and subject to the laws of supply and demand” are based on the assumption of perfect markets. Therefore, they argue that feed in tariff programs are just unfair subsidies to certain producers that the expense of consumers. The problem is that the “marketplace” is anything but perfect…

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