Ball Park Power Estimate

Answering the question, "Do you have a waterpower opportunity worth investigating?"

Free Ballpark Estimate.
The Ball Park Power Estimate is your way of seeing if you have any opportunity for a waterpower project. If you do have an opportunity you’ll also find out in very rough terms what the size of the opportunity is.
View an example of a “Ball Park Power Estimate” report Click Here

You Will Need to Send Us The Following Supporting Information

If you wish to request a Ball Park Power Estimate report be prepared for your site, you will need to provide the following documents and supporting information:

  • Copy of recent electricity bill from your local distribution company.
  • Copy of recent property tax bill.
  • Sketch of site showing location of dam, nearby buildings and power lines and access to the property.
  • Pictures/videos of site and dam, if available. Preferably at different times of the year as well.
  • Completed and signed “Ball Park Estimate Request Form” (see below).
How To Request a Free Ball Park Power Estimate

To request a Free Ball Park Power Estimate report do the following:

Download the Ball Park Power Estimate Request Form, complete and return to us with your supporting information.

How to Send Us Your Supporting Information

Send us your supporting information in 1 of 3 ways::

  1. By Mail– return the information below to:

    GreenBug Energy Inc., 1645 Hwy #3

    Delhi, ON, N4B 2W6

  2. By Email – Email the information below to:
  3. By Direct Upload – Upload your information via the GreenBug Energy website.
    To upload, go to follow the instructions. (If you have lots of pictures or videos this is the best way to send these big files to us.)

    Proceed to: File Upload