Site Assessment

Measure twice, cut once.

Greenbug energy site assessment

The objective of site assessment is to determine the feasibility of development and the expected returns of development as quickly, efficiently and accurately as possible.

The process aims to answer questions such as;


  • Does it look like this is an opportunity of some kind?


  • What is the approximate system size given currently available data on the head and flow regimes at the site?
  • Is installation possible / practical and where would it be?
  • Is electrical connection possible at the site?
  • Are there any environmental concerns to address and can they be addressed?
  • What is the expected rate of return given the preliminary head and flow data from currently available sources?


  • What are the unique characteristics of the site and their effect on cost?
  • What are the expected heads and flows that would be experienced at the site after collecting site specific data and detailed analysis?
  • What is the most optimal system size and design to install?
  • What is the expected total cost of the system, installation, approvals, etc?
  • What is the expected rate of return from investing in the project after completing Detailed analysis of water flow and levels and costs?

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