What happens if it costs more to develop the site than projected?

GreenBug accepts all pre-development risk. If for some reason, the project does not proceed to contruction because environmental approvals could not be obtained, etc, GreenBug bears the costs incurred to that point. GreenBug also accepts all implementation risk on construction of the project. If costs to develop the site are higher than projected GreenBug bears … Read more

If I invest when do I make the investment?

After a FIT contract has been awarded and after all approvals have been obtained and after a detailed project plan has been prepared and the project is “shovel ready”, the final project plan will be provided and you will have a certain amount of time to respond and make your investment.

If I lease my site, who would I be leasing the site to?

When initially signing the lease, you will be leasing the site to GreenBug Energy Inc. However, GreenBug can and likely will transfer the lease to a limited partnership to facilitate investment in the project by parties other than itself, such as further investment by you the site owner/lessor, or further investment by other parties such … Read more