Why develop hydropower?

Hydropower systems can provide a reliable source of electricity all year around, though generation is usually higher in winter than summer. This makes hydropower a relatively predictable source of renewable energy. There are thousands of potential sites for new small-scale hydropower schemes. Together these could generate useful amounts of electricity, with minimal environmental impact, provided … Read more

What is hydropower?

Hydropower schemes harness the energy from flowing water to generate electricity, using a turbine or other device. The volume of flowing water and the height it falls determines how much electricity can be generated.

Where can Archimedes Screw generators be used?

Screw generators can be used almost anywhere there is between 1 meter and 10 meters of water drop and from about 100 liters per second to 10,000 liters per second flow rate. This includes: [fancy_list style=”arrow_list”] small low head dams that exist for irrigation, drinking water reservoirs, recreational & flood control processes. replacement of older … Read more

Why Hydro Power?

There has been a lot of publicity around wind and solar power, but not much on water power. But water power has been around for a long time. Water power runs 24 hours a day, every day. Whereas wind and solar are “hope” power. You “hope” the sun shines and you “hope” the wind blows. … Read more