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False Markets.

Comments by many who argue that Feed in Tariff programs just create “false or fake markets” and “that In a free and democratic country, a commodity’s price should be determined by the marketplace and subject to the laws of supply and demand” are based on the assumption of perfect markets. Therefore, they argue that feed in tariff programs are just unfair subsidies to certain producers that the expense of consumers. The problem is that the “marketplace” is anything but perfect…

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Fish Passage.

Our installations allow downstream fish passage and is proven safe. Upstream fish passage requires an extra installation of a fish ladder/ passage. To “require” upstream fish passage installation or otherwise deny installation of micro waterpower is counterproductive…

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The Ontario regulatory environment for waterpower.

The regulatory environment in Ontario is such that it increases the risk of development and significantly adds to total costs and these costs are higher than in other jurisdictions globally. This statement is based on our attempts over the last several years to get 30 waterpower sites ready for the next FIT application window in Ontario…

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Water Canada - GreenBugEnergy

Water Power – A new spin on an old concept expanding hydro-electricity in Ontario

Authors: Neil Harris and Aaron AtchesonFirst published in print: Water Canada Magazine January/February 2016 pg.31Download the PDF version of the original printed article:[wpdm_package id=’8068′] GreenBug Energy Inc. is taking a “reverse spin” on the concept of an Archimedean screw and has demonstrated that renewable energy investments in Ontario are no longer limited to wind and

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GreenBug Energy wins 2015 3M Environmental Innovation Award

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS) is proud to announce GreenBug Energy Inc. of Delhi, ON, is the 2015 winner of the prestigious 3M Environmental Innovation Award. The GreenBug Energy system is the first of its kind in the Americas to adapt the Archimedes screw to make cost-effective, reliable, green electricity. The 3M Environmental Innovation

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Huntsville enters 40-year lease with Green Bug

Council voted in favour of a shared equity agreement with Green Bug Energy Ltd. for 15 per cent net revenue of the energy production project at Brunel Locks Huntsville ForesterBy Roland Cilliers HUNTSVILLE – The hydroelectric dam off Brunel has taken another step towards actually existing. Huntsville council voted in favour of a shared equity

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