And the winner is…

Eliazbeth Loucks, branch manager of TD Canada Trust (Tillsonburg), on the left, and Lance Scott, TD Wealth, presented the Tillsonburg District Chamber of Commerce Environmental Award to this year’s winning company, GreenBug Energy Inc. during a gala awards night last Thursday at the Tillsonburg Community Centre.

2015 Awards of Excellence

Tillsonburg District Chamber of Commerce announced this year’s Awards of Excellence winners during a gala ceremony last Thursday night at the Tillsonburg Community Centre. Catered by Chrissy’s Catering, the formal program began with introductions and the presentation of three awards – The Business Improvement Award, the Environmental Award, and the Community Service Award. Following the meal, four remaining awards were presented.

“As tonight goes on, and you listen to the award winners come up and tell their stories,” said Tillsonburg District Chamber of Commerce president Andrew Burns, “I want each and every one of you to really think about your own businesses – whether you’re employees or owners. We all make choices. And the choices you’re making in your business, and your life, leads you down a path of excellence.

“I know it’s a lot easier said than done, especially when we look at the Province of Ontario and all the challenges that we face. The piling on of challenges that businesses are facing in this province is one that is probably unparallelled in many, many years.

“But it’s also why, now more than every, the Chamber has an important role to helping us shape the future of Ontario. Let us help you be great. As your Association, let us be your voice.

“When I look around the room tonight, I see a competitive advantage that we have here in Tillsonburg that they don’t have in cities. I see a community full of good, rural work ethic. I see community-minded spirit that really values and sees the importance of giving back. And I see business success despite the fact that our telephone numbers don’t start with 416 or 905.

“I think that if we can leverage our competitive advantages in this area, we have an opportunity to achieve business excellence.”

First published in print format: Tillsonburg News, Friday May, 2015
Author: Chris Abbott