GreenBug Energy awarded the OWA 2014 Innovation Award

owa_logo_new On Monday October 20th the Ontario Waterpower Association recognized GreenBug Energy for their leadership in innovation in the waterpower industry. During the annual conference gala dinner event at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Tony Bouk accepted the OWA Innovation Award for 2014.

The Ontario Waterpower Association’s Innovation Award recognizes those organizations that have shown leadership in innovation through the development of important advancements which will result in benefits to the waterpower industry. Innovations may be technical, operational, or affect any aspect of developing and operating waterpower facilities. The award will be presented to an organization who:

  • has identified, developed and successfully implemented an innovation which represents a valuable advancement in the development, operation or refurbishment of waterpower facilities; and
  • can demonstrate how the innovation will benefit the proponent and strengthen the waterpower industry in Ontario if adopted by others.