Hydro Project at The Brunel Locks Gets Warm Reception

Greenbug Energy received a warm welcome from area residents who attended a public meeting at the Active Living Centre in Huntsville last night.

The company came to town to explain their plan to install a small Archimedes screw hydro electric project at the Brunel Locks.

Officials from the company told residents that this is the first step in a long process and were here to gauge support for the green energy project and move forward through the different phases of approvals to construction only if the town and residents were supportive.

Residents asked questions, and only a few voiced concerns about the project after seeing the presentation.

A group of nearby neighbours headed by Fire Chief Steve Hernen who lives directly across from the locks said that he and area residents looked forward to the project going forward and hoped that they would be able to stay engaged in the project as it moved forward.

A report will be made by staff to council on the project at an upcoming council meeting.

Originally Posted on Tuesday, May 12, 2015