Local Business Follows Lead of The Royal Family

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Local Business Follows Lead of The Royal Family

October 5, 2011 (Delhi, Ontario) — GreenBug Energy announced today that it plans to develop a 7.4 kilowatt (kW) waterpower facility on property known as Fletchers Horse Farm located at 2173 Cockshutt Road in Norfolk County. The project is subject to completing a Class Environmental Assessment for Waterpower Projects and receiving the necessary approvals from federal, provincial and municipal regulatory agencies.

The project would consist of installing an Archimedean Screw micro hydro-electric system in the remnants of an old mill beside an existing low-head dam. The facility would operate as a run-of-river facility utilizing the seasonal water flows in Nanticoke Creek. If approved the project would be installed in the summer of 2012 and would produce approximately 55,000 kWh of renewable energy annually.

Earlier this year, the Queen took delivery of two giant Archimedean Screws that will help meet the Royal Family’s attempts to power Windsor Castle using economically sustainable energy. The system will be installed on the Thames River. GreenBug Energy’s project utilizes the same technology.
The system, which has the appearance of a screw, was developed by the Ancient Greek mathematician and engineer Archimedes of Syracuse around 200 B.C.

“I’m excited about re-utilizing the old mill to produce electricity again, apparently it used to produce DC power a long time ago” noted John Fletcher. “We plan to use all the electricity generated ourselves under a net metering arrangement. It’s a good way to save some money and help the environment at the same time and we’ll be the first in Canada to utilize the Archimedes Screw Technology”.

“We are happy to be working with Fletchers Horse Farm. We will be utilizing the system ourselves to demonstrate the technology to interested farmers, municipalities, conservation authorities, government agencies, waste water facilities and other interested parties” said Brian Weber, Vice President of Operations.

GreenBug Energy is a Norfolk County based business. It designs and manufactures Archimedes Screw micro hydro-electric systems for use on small dams as low as one metre in height and sells and distributes the custom made systems domestically and internationally. The company utilizes its proprietary methods to optimize system efficiency and maximize system productivity.


For more information contact Tony Bouk, VP, Business Development, GreenBug Energy, 1-519-582-8563 or email [email protected]