Site No. 2FA06 – 2015

Name: McCulloch’s Mill
Site Identification #: 2FA06 – 2015
Location: Latitude: 44.5318 Longitude: -81.1750
Address: 11 Thomas St, Allenford, Ontario
Watercourse: Sauble River
Description: The Mill started operation in 1869, and has been in the McCulloch family since 1930. It was used to power a Feed Mill until 1975 when the Mill closed.

The McCulloch Mill is located on the Sauble River, just south of Allenford Ontario. The site was built by Robert Young in 1869. In 1878 it was sold to John McDougall. In 1920 it was sold to Albert Jackson and John Temple. In 1930 James Alexander McCulloch purchased the water powered Feed Mill and operated the business with three of his five sons, William, Andrew and Ernie under the name McCulloch Bros. Feed Mill. The original Mill burnt, and was rebuilt in 1948. The source of power was later converted to gas, then diesel, but always required water power to get the Mill equipment running before being switched over to petrol. The site was fully operational until 1975 when the Mill closed its doors, and the site was decommissioned.


Maximum Output: 60kw(estimated)
Generator Type: Induction Generator
Connection Type: Single Phase
Screw Design Type: Concrete Cast In place
Maximum Design Flow Capacity:
Design Head:
Est. annual output:

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