Site No. 2FC14 – 2015

Name: Dobson’s Dam
Site Identification #: 2FC14 – 2015
Location: Latitude 44.3248 Longitude -81.0019
Address: 149 Paisley Drive, Chesley, Ontario
Watercourse: North Saugeen
Description: Previously an old mill site, the site is part of a larger property and a feature part of the scenic landscape and recreational use for a number of cottages and full time homes. An attempt was made to re-develop the property for waterpower in the recent past by a previous owner but remained unfinished. The goals are to maintain and further enhance site aesthetics by cleaning up the previously unfinished installation and by way of an attractive screw installation design and to maintain current recreational uses while producing renewable energy to help the environment that would also produce revenue from the site at the same time.


Maximum Output: 60kw
Generator Type: Induction Generator
Connection Type: Single Phase (2 speed)
Screw Design Type: Concrete Cast In place
Maximum Design Flow Capacity: 3.8 cms (cubic meters per second)
Design Head: 2.33 meters
RPM: 29
Est. annual output: 318,245 kwh’s

Site Location

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