Site No. 2FC59 – 2017

Name: VanTol Weir
Site Identification #: 2FC59 – 2017
Location: Lat – 44.3248 Long – 81.0019
Address: 121 Orchardville Side Road R.R.#3, Ayton, Ontario, Canada N0G 1C0
Watercourse: Beatty Saugeen River
Description: The site is located on the Beatty Saugeen River just south of the town of Orchardville, Ontario. The weir was originally build to serve a mill on the site. The weir and mill were rebuilt in 1998. The 42″ Barber Turbine (Francis type) was re-furbished at that time. It is not the original turbine but it was installed approximately 60 years ago (as of 2016) replacing an earlier less efficient turbine. The goals are to produce renewable energy once again by connecting the system to the power grid via a FIT (Feed in Tariff) contract.


Maximum Output: 35 kW
Generator Type: Induction Generator
Connection Type: 3 phase, 60 hz
Screw Design Type: This is not an Archimedes screw installation. It is a traditional Barber Turbine.
Maximum Design Flow Capacity: 1.65 cubic meters per second
Design Head: 3.7 Meters
RPM: 97
Est. annual output: 159,362 kWh

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Screw Manufacturing

Site Work Construction

Finished Installation



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