Site No. 2GC24 – 2014

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Name: Delhi Quance Dam
Site Identification #: 2GC24 – 2014
Location: Latitude – 42;51;18.72945 Longitude – 80;30;7.08040
Address: 200 Talbot Road, Delhi, ON, CANADA
Watercourse: Big Creek
Description: Former lumber and grist mill founded in 1842 by Henry Sovereen, later sold to the Quance family. Now owned by Norfolk County as a public park area. The dam was rebuilt in 1992 and includes a fish ladder. This project is a partnership of Norfolk County and GreenBug Energy Inc.


Maximum Output: 47.2 kW
Generator Type: Induction Generator
Connection Type: 480 V three phase grid connected 40yr FIT contract
Screw Design Type: Concrete Cast In place – Stainless Steel Trough
Maximum Design Flow Capacity: 3.77 cubic meters per second
Design Head: 1.9 Meters
RPM: 4.5 – 30
Est. annual output: 222,276 kWh

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[marker address=”200 Talbot Road, Delhi, ON, CANADA “]Delhi Quance Dam[/marker]

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[youtube url=”G_WZOlf1DkQ” autohide=”0″ hd=”1″ rel=”0″ showsearch=”0″ showinfo=”0″]
Published on YouTube Nov 7, 2015 – A drone shoot of the stunning Quance Dam in Delhi, Ontario by Skycraft Drone Imagery.
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Existing Site – 3D Model (45 photos)

Proposed Design – 3D Model (31 photos)

Site/System Demonstration Video

[youtube url=”tF_v8WQVnYg” width=”900″ height=”510″ fs=”1″ hd=”1″ rel=”0″ showsearch=”0″ showinfo=”0″ autohide=”0″]

This video displays how the site and screw function as the water course flow increases from 0 cms to 28.28 cms. It demonstrates how the screw remains shut off until the water hands off flow plus required start up flow the screw is reached. Once the screw starts up the hands off flow to the fish ladder and hands off flow over the weir are maintained. As flow increases from here screw RPM increases to accept the greater flow while maintaining the hands off flow over the weir and to the fish ladder. Once the screw reaches its’ maximum flow capacity the water level over the weir starts to increase thereby increasing the effective hands off flow.

3D Model Videos

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Site Location (44 photos)

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