What have been the main challenges with the Archimedes screw micro hydro technology?

The main challenges with this technology is related to dealing with government policies that discourage small projects such as:
1. Environmental approval requirements that treat all projects below 200,000 kW the same (in Ontario) which places an increased burden on small projects.
2. Feed In Tariff (FIT) windows that have a start/stop affect on operations as small projects require much shorter time frames to implement.
3. Connection Impact Assessment (CIA) fees that make small projects within certain size windows unfeasible and have the affect of decreasing installation size to less than 10kW in size.
4. No FIT traunches. The same FIT rate is paid for small projects as for big projects. No value is assigned to the distributed generation and the lower environmental impact of small projects on existing structures compared with large projects.
5. No Net Metering or FIT systems in many jurisdictions.