Cargill Dam2r

Site No. 2FC50 – 2014

Name: Cargill Dam
Site Identification #: 2FC50 – 2014
Location: Latitude – 44;11;40.10899999999 Longitude – 81;15;0.4149999999
Address: 13 10th Concession, Greenock Township, ON, CANADA
Watercourse: Teeswater River
Description: Former saw mill founded by Charles Mickle in the 1800’s and purchased by Henry Cargill in 1879.


Maximum Output: 300 kW (estimated)
Generator Type: Induction Generator
Connection Type:
Screw Design Type: Concrete Cast In place – Stainless Steel Trough
Maximum Design Flow Capacity:
Design Head:
Est. annual output:

Site Location

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