Our Mission/Goals

GreenBug Energy Inc. is making micro hydro possible and driving positive change.

making global energy production and use sustainable

GreenBug Energy  exists to make global energy production and use sustainable… now.

The experts say that to do this we have to reduce our global carbon production by 75%.

By many small actions made locally on a global scale we believe significant change can be accomplished. We are concerned with the here and now, making change now, taking advantage of the easy gains, the “low hanging fruit” opportunities that already exist. We believe these opportunities not only are profitable but have to be profitable to make if change is to be adopted on a global scale.

our goals

The primary goals of our organization are:

number-1 To install two systems in 2015, five in 2016 and ten systems per year in following years on existing water control structures.

number-1To help others install their own systems around the world.

“VP Operations, Brian Weber and his son Evan”

In our recent lifetimes we have all generally seen life get better, but it’s not written anywhere in stone that this will always be the case, we have to do something now to ensure the future is just as promising. – Brian Weber