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GreenBug Energy Inc. is making micro hydro possible and driving positive change.


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Hear from members of the team about their experiences and beliefs and why they do it.


Through advocacy and doing GreenBug Energy is inspiring and empowering others to make a difference.


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Our core values come from within us, they drive us forward and give us the passion to continue. They are not hung on the wall and we hope they never have to be.


We’re proud to showcase the many achievements that GreenBug Energy has been a part of.

the team

Meet our dedicated team and what they say about each other.


From a strange beginning our story shows that you have the power to change the world if you just take that first step.


Partnerships with exceptional businesses and forward-thinking organizations are essential to deepening and extending our work.

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We work closely with news organizations to help the public stay informed and get involved.


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