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Small communities are often without electricity even in countries with grid electrification.

The reason for this is that grid connection of these communities is unattractive to utility companies because of the cost of grid electrification in these communities combined with the low power consumption by these communities.

Small hydropower energy is a good option to promote education and economic development in remote communities of developing countries because:

  • Hydro is usually the cheapest electrification option for isolated communities, where hydro resources exist
  • Hydro energy is a mature and proven technology/li>
  • Hydro energy resources generate energy 24 hours a day
  • It can be adapted to local skills and capabilities for implementation, operation and maintenance
  • Hydro is a clean energy option, with no green house gases emissions.

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The provision of rural energy as a means to reduce poverty has been well documented for several decades. Energy is a key element for human development, education, and local economic development. Micro hydro power is a renewable and clean energy option to supply local energy and reduce poverty.

According to several presentations at the “Small Hydro 2012” conference in Toronto, there are approximately 1.2 Billion people in the world without electricity. The vast majority live in isolated rural areas in developing countries.

Micro hydro is a local energy resource that can be used to provide energy for many isolated rural communities.

GreenBug does not give stuff away. We want markets to work and small energy businesses to grow, so that energy can be delivered in increasing quantities long after our involvement is over.

The lack of access to modern energy services condemns billions of people in the developing world to live in absolute poverty.

Today, almost one third of humanity have no lights in the evening, unhealthy cooking equipment, limited access to modern communications, inadequate education and health facilities and not enough power for their work and businesses

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