Get your site assessed

You’ve come to the right place to start doing something.

Whether you decide to develop your waterpower site yourself or lease your site to GreenBug, the place to start is with a Site Assessment.

The first thing to do is to determine if your waterpower site is worth developing. Many sites are capable of power generation. Whether it’s “worth” developing is a personal choice. If your off grid a 500 Watt site may be worth developing. What we can help with is assessing the size of the opportunity in terms of output and as a financial investment. Keep in mind, GreenBug specializes in low head hydro Archimedes screw systems. If you have a very low flow, but high head site that may not be feasible with an Archimedes screw system, it is still quite possible your site can be developed using other “high head” more traditional technologies and we’ll tell you if we think this is the case.

You want a stepped and measured approach to investigating your site to ensure that investment of resources is warranted at each step and we have designed our services to match.

So get started. Take a look at our Site Assessment Services that can help you.

Don’t quite understand why Site Assessment is necessary or what is being assessed?