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Water-To-Wire Low Head Archimedes Screw Generator Hydropower Systems

With GreenBug’s low head hydropower systems, low drops in manmade and natural waterways can easily be developed to produce clean, reliable baseload power.

GreenBug provides water-to-wire equipment packages featuring the Archimedes Screw technology. Archimedes Screw Generators enable cost-effective generation of power at drops between 1 and 10 meters in height.

Install a hydro power system at your site and generate electricity

Grid Tied Hydro Electric System

A grid tied hydro powered electric operation system can be either net metered or connected as part of Feed in Tariff (FIT) program. With either of these connections types you are still connected to your local electricity distribution lines.

Grid Tied Feed in Tariff (FIT) systems involve connecting your hydro system to the power lines and selling electricity to the power company. In certain jurisdictions there are Feed in Tariff (FIT) programs that allow individuals and companies to supply power to the grid and get paid specified amounts of money per Kwh usually for a defined contract period. These contract periods are for extended periods of time and usually indexed to inflation in some way and are designed to encourage investment in renewable energy by providing a reliable and known revenue source. The electricity produced by your system is metered the same as a house and you are paid for the electricity produced. The advantages of selling under a FIT program once approved is the reliable guaranteed revenue stream and contract period to pay for your investment. The disadvantage is that if you use electricity also, you will likely be paying for electricity at the normal rate the same as everyone else, and this rate is likely higher than what you will be paid under the FIT program. So for example, you may be selling electricity to the grid for one price, and then buying it back to use at a higher price. However, if you are able to generate a lot more electricity than you can use, a FIT contract is the only way to sell your electricity. Ensure that you have a FIT contract before installing a system if you are interested in selling electricity to the grid.

Grid Tied Net Metered systems involve connecting your system to the power grid but you use the power, and it offsets your electric bill. If you don’t produce as much electricity as you use then the grid just supplies the difference and you get billed for that difference, if you produce more than you use, the excess just goes to the grid. Whether you get paid for that difference that you supply to the grid depends on the net metering rules in your jurisdiction. You may not get paid for that difference, but you may be able to carry forward that excess of electricity you produced over what you used for a period of time so that you can use it or “draw down” on it in periods of time when you are producing less electricity than you are using. For instance in Ontario currently, you don’t get paid for excess electricity that goes to the grid in a net metering arrangement, however you can carry forward the excess electricity generated for up to one year, after that it expires.

Off Grid Hydro Electric System

Off grid systems are for situations where for any number of factors you have chosen not to be connected to your local electricity distribution lines. Some of these factors may be;

No close proximity to grid and connection to it is not an option.

Reasonable proximity to grid exists, but connection costs are still extremely high making off grid system development attractive.

A personal desire to be off grid for environmental reasons or in preparation for expected future price increases.

Regardless of whether you want a Grid Tied or Off Grid System the place to start is with a Site Assessment. A Site Assessment determines the most optimal size and design of screw for your site.

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Buy hydro equipment from us and you do the rest

If you’re a competent skilled tradesperson or a do it yourselfer, you can probably install one of our small systems yourself or you can get local contractors to do the work for you.

Buy equipment & have us do some or all of the installation, approvals, etc.

Buy our equipment and have us do some or all of the initial site assessment, installation, approvals and ongoing maintenance. If you don’t feel comfortable doing the project yourself and you live in one of the areas serviced by us, you can have us perform some of the services.

Lease your waterpower site to us

A great way to earn money from your site without investing yourself.
Small 500 Watt Archimedes screw generator of the Open Complete model