How we do it
The pillars of how we get things done

There are certain things that we just couldn’t do without as we try and get things done to change the world. These form the pillars of how we get things done.

Archimedes Screw Generatorsarrow

Archimedes screw generators are the technology we use. It’s what we know.

Net Metering

Better than sliced bread for small sites where the site owner can use all the hydropower produced. The convenience of grid connection while only paying for the net kWh’s used.

Feed in Tariff Contractsarrow

If a site owner has more power than they can use, we rely on FIT contracts to sell power to others on the grid


We partner with site owners and investors and interested stakeholders. But even if you’re developing your site yourself and just buying from us, we still think of you as a partner.

Micro Hydro Sitesarrow

Any site with a water drop and flows; natural water falls, small weirs/dams and industrial outflows. One to ten meters of head 100 lps to 10,000 lps flow rate.

Our Processesarrow

Absolutely necessary to managing all the details and complications of site development.