Site Assessment Services
Three progressive levels to reduce your risk and financial commitment as you investigate your site.
Site Assessment

GreenBug Energy offers three progressive levels of site assessment services to assist in determining the size of a site’s opportunity, the feasibility of development and the most optimal installation specifications. These services are designed to allow you to reduce your risk and financial commitment as you investigate and plan your micro hydro development.

Level 1

Ball Park Power Estimate

Assessing the potential power available at a site is not easily done if you are just starting to look at waterpower and do not have a lot of background in this area.

To start looking into waterpower our “Ball Park Power Estimate” will give you a rough estimate of your site’s power potential and the size of your opportunity at the site. “Ball Park Estimates” are provided entirely by information supplied by you.

We do not visit the site or collect any data ourselves. This allows you to quickly determine if your site is worth investigating further.

Information may be sent to us by email, mail or direct file transfer via our website.

This Service is currently being offered “Free” for a limited time.

Level 2

Site Feasibility Assessment

If the “Ball Park Estimate” shows that a site has an opportunity worth investigating then the next step is a “Site Feasibility Assessment”.

A “Site Feasibility Assessment” involves a GreenBug representative visiting the site to ensure an installation is feasible. It involves further research into water flows to get a more accurate power estimate.

It also involves research into the potential connection and potential environmental issues. This work does not guarantee connection or environmental approvals nor does it determine the optimal system. It attempts to clarify these issues so that a decision can be made regarding moving forward with a “Detailed Project Plan”, environmental approval, and connection applications.

Level 3

Detailed Project Plan

The “Detailed Project Plan” provides all the information you require in order to decide whether to make your final decision to
proceed with a micro hydro project.

The “Detailed Project Plan” gives you a 40 year financial projection based on the optimal system design for your site. To prepare this plan we focus on predicting the expected head and flow duration data for your site by utilizing all available data sources and by collecting site data ourselves.

We also consider any environmental or connection issues and how they affect project plans and costs. Finally we run all site plans and data through our proprietary WaterWatts model to determine the system size and specifications which maximize the IRR (Internal Rate of Return) for your project.