The Team

Meet Our Staff

Tony Bouk, BA, MBA
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Tony Bouk (CEO, GreenBug Energy Inc) holds a BA Economics from the University of Western Ontario and an MBA from the Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario as well as two years of Accounting at McGill University. He began his career with Ernst & Young Chartered Accountants before moving quickly to industry. He brings extensive experience starting and growing several successful businesses in Canada and the United States. He was General Manager of one of the largest greenhouse operations in the US and has consulted on the recovery and turnaround of other large firms in the industry on three occasions. In 2011 Tony co-founded GreenBug Energy Inc.
Tony is all about the details. He calculates everything to the 5th decimal place “because it does not cost anything to be more accurate”. You may find him repeating things three times (this may be conservative), or asking the same question four different ways. In the end, as a result of all the repeating and all of the questions, something is always brought forward that was not seen by anyone else. His result is always a better way, lower cost or a faster process. – Brian Weber

Michael Bouk, CA
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Michael Bouk (President, Greenbug Energy Inc.), is a chartered accountant. Mike was CEO of Ag Energy Co-operative until retiring in 2010. He continued on with Ag Energy for one additional year on a part time basis to assist the new CEO and the transition. During this period of transition he also acted as Director of Energy Technology Research. Ag Energy is the largest energy co-operative of its kind in Canada, supplying approximately half of all natural gas and one quarter of all electricity consumed by farms in Ontario. During his tenure as CEO of Ag Energy he converted it from a not for profit co-operative to a for profit co-operative and Ag Energy generated a profit every year during his term. He continued to transform Ag Energy by introducing solar P.V. as a new product line as the Green Energy Act was being introduced. Ag Energy developed and implemented an Ontario wide, no hassle, turn-key solar P.V. solution to offer its many members that included system design, procurement, installation, contracting with OPA, grid connection and continuous remote monitoring after connection.
Mike is always listening more than he is talking, you’ll hear him say “Um-hmmm” a lot when you’re talking and you can see him mentally connecting issues and assessing all the risks and opportunities related to everything you’re saying, and when he does speak he’s very soft spoken and measured in his response, but he’s always moving fast and he has all of us moving fast as well. – Tony Bouk

Brian Weber
V.P. Operations
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Brian Weber (VP Operations, GreenBug Energy Inc.) is a Certified tool and die maker with extensive experience supervising the manufacturing and optimization of deep draw stamping tooling for the automotive industry before co-founding an industrial manufacturing firm with Tony Bouk in 2005 and GreenBug Energy Inc in 2011. He has extensive experience in design, testing, tooling and all aspects of fabrication in addition to procurement management. Under his direction a new technology was developed for from commercial shot blasting and surface preparation industry. He is proficient in both Solidworks and AutoCad and has a broad range of skills and practical experience in all aspects of metal fabrication, tooling, welding, industrial design, and manufacturing.
Brian is an accomplished tool and die maker dedicated to the highest quality standards. But even more than that, he is that one individual who is forever looking to make all things better and who is not afraid to try. Brian enjoys working with people and all people enjoy being with him. – Michael Bouk

Vikas Vig, P.Eng
Mechanical Engineer


Vigas Vig (Mechanical Engineer, GreenBug Energy Inc.) is an accomplished seasoned mechanical engineer with a solid background in manufacturing and design, tooling/fixtures and specialised custom machinery. Vikas holds a Master of Engineering from the University of Alberta.

Vikas is never satisfied until the job is done and will do whatever it takes to ensure everything is perfect. He is always looking for ways to compile, document and carry forward knowledge from project to project ensuring the highest efficiency at all times. Bringing a strong background in mechanical engineering and problem solving, we could not hope to find a better fit for our company.
– Brian Weber

Murrray Lyons, MASc (Engineering)
Modelling & Design Specialist


Murray Lyons (Research & Development / Modelling Specialist, GreenBug Energy Inc.) holds a Master’s In Applied Science (Engineering) from The University of Guelph, School of Engineering. He has extensive knowledge of the engineering principles behind the screw having been part of several research projects involving the Archimedes screw at The University of Guelph prior to joining GreenBug. His experience is diverse having been involved the University of Guelph FSAE team (Gryphon Racing) which designs, builds and races open-wheeled, Formula-style race cars. He’s also an active outdoorsman, rock climber and gardener.
Murray is a very likeable soft spoken guy, but he’s also very articulate, he’s very purposeful when he speaks. He can be incredibly focused at times. Because of those traits I think he’s a very good fit for coordinating our modelling and R&D work. – Tony Bouk
Hamidreza Ghoddami, PhD (Power Systems Engineering) Power Systems Design Specialist


Hamid holds a Ph.D. in Power systems Engineering from the University of Western Ontario. He has over 7 years experience in electrical engineering and has advance knowledge in the areas of power systems, power conversions for renewable energy and grid integration of distributed generation. 

When I first met Hamid there was no question about his engineering … but the thing that struck me the most, and I remember telling Brian this, was that he was just one of those “right” individuals.  “Right” people always do the “right thing”, with the right people, anything is possible, and I remember telling Brian how I had instantly thought I could trust Hamid.

-Tony Bouk