Be an advocate

Be an advocate for local Micro hydro power

If you’re like us you may just have been working hard and wondering when some things are going to start to change, when those in leadership positions, when those who are in direct control, will be making the needed changes, and why change is so slow in coming.

At some point we got tired of waiting and decided to do something, you can too.

Greenbug Energy is a for profit micro hydro system designer, manufacturer and project developer that was founded on the premise that we need to change how we do things to protect our environment, that change is possible, and that it can also make financial sense right now, we don’t have to wait for a miracle scientific break-through.
You just need to care enough about people in general, your own family, animals or the environment itself to want to help in some way and do something now.

Below are a few ways you can help.

Greenbug’s Guide to being an Advocate

If you’re concerned but don’t know where to start we’ve got a few ways to channel your concern into advocacy for change.

Everyone is different, so we have a number of different ways you can help.

Be a walking billboard for change

Call your local elected municipal government representative

Reduce your own energy consumption

You can also help get us noticed.