Get Involved
When you get involved, you can make things better.

As the owners of many small dams and water control structures and as part of the regulatory environment, Conservation Authorities can lead the way in conserving the environment, reducing their own carbon footprint and educating the public as well as making extra revenue.

Undeveloped nations are in need of electricity for the basics such as light by which their children can read to educate themselves. Hydro power can bring sustainable electricity production to remote areas and bring new skills and local solutions to the people who live there.

Local governments control many water sites that they can use to make money, reduce greenhouse gases and carbon production and create local jobs.

Even individual property owners many times have water power sites that they can use to help fight global warming and greenhouse production by harnessing the water power in their backyard and at the same time make money for themselves.

Many businesses have water power sites such as fish farms, lumber mills, etc. They can use their hydro site to offset their hydro bill and save the environment at the same time.

Our thought process has to change. And educators are in the best position to start that change. There are many people that think we can’t kick our fossil fuel habit. They think it’s too expensive. But they are wrong, it can be done and money can be made doing it.

Farmers usually have larger energy requirements and many also have water structures on their lands they can use to offset or “Net meter” their energy use and in the process save money, and reduce greenhouse gas production.

Activists are just people who act. And we are in great need of action to change the current situation. Global carbon production has to be reduced by 75% and quickly.