You can do it… we can help

So you’ve got a potential waterpower site… but you may not know if you have an opportunity or not or quite what to do next.

We can help.

And since we can do this one step at a time, you can assess at each step whether to continue or not.

Some quick questions as a first screening exercise;

Do you have a drop of some kind? Small dam? You need a vertical drop, either a natural drop (waterfall) or quick running stream that drops at least one meter in a short distance, or a man made dam to create water power. (one meter is the minimum drop needed.

Do you have lots of water flow? The more water flow the more power you have. If you can jump across your water flow you likely don’t have enough water flow, unless you have a lot of vertical drop.

If you can answer “yes” to these two basic questions, you should get your site assessed for water power potential.

Electricity prices aren’t going down and you have a resource right in your own backyard that can save you some money and protect the environment at the same time.

If you have water power potential, you have a lot of options. You can stay connected to the electric grid and your current electric company and either “Net Meter” or obtain a “FIT” contract. This assumes you have these options in your area.

You also have the option of going completely “off-grid” and not getting an electricity bill at all, but instead providing your own electricity.


Don’t have a water power site? Know someone that does?


Learn more about waterpower like how to measure head and flow yourself or how to estimate your waterpower potential.

Look at our “Get Educated” section.

Learn more about our Site Assessment Services.

Small 500 Watt Archimedes screw generator of the Open Complete model type