Approval Services
Effectively navigating through the application and approval processes.

There are two big areas that need to be dealt with in relation to approving your micro hydro project
and these are environmental and electrical approvals.

The approval processes for these two areas can be difficult for those who have never had to deal with them before. They are complex processes and require a significant level of understanding about the micro hydro system being proposed in order to navigate through the approval process effectively and efficiently. Third party consulting firm fees for these services are usually out of reach for small project proponents which is why we offer these services.

Environmental Approvals

Making the environmental approvals somewhat easier is the fact that the Archimedes screw technology that GreenBug uses for our micro hydro sites has been well received by environmental authorities.

The screw has been well received due to these three primary factors; no negative effect on aquatic life, no management of water flows and no significant changes to water levels. Other positive influences are; no alterations are necessary to existing dams, the addition of increased flood flow capacity, the limited nature of any required site work, the ability to pass unwanted fish species down stream and the quiet operation of the systems.

Multiple studies have proven that fish can pass safely down through the screw without being harmed due to the slow rotating speeds and large water chambers.

These studies provided courtesy of Mann Power Consulting Limited (Click on study to download PDF)

The screw also does not attempt to manage water flows in any way. It simply uses whatever flow exists at the time. Because the screw does not attempt to manage naturally occurring flows it also has little affect on water levels.

We take the potential environmental impact of our systems very seriously as well as the environmental approval process because our mission is concerned with the environment.

Electrical Approvals

To connect to the grid there has to be a mechanism to do so in your area. Not all geographic areas have mechanisms that allow grid connection by private power producers.

The two most common mechanisms are:
1. Net Metering Grid Connections
2. FIT (Feed In Tariff) Grid Connections

The details of each of these grid connection mechanisms are very important and care should be taken in selecting one or the other if both are available in your area.

We offer help in obtaining connection approvals in either of these cases. Not only with the applications themselves but any required supporting information as well such as Protection and Control Philosophy documents, electrical diagrams, etc.

For a detailed discussion of Netmetering and FIT connections and their pros and cons, 

Next Steps

If you haven’t already had your site assessed this needs to be done before proceeding to Approvals. Learn more about the Site Assessment process now.
If you have already had a Level 3 Site Assessment and now need to get approvals then you can request an estimate for Approval Services.