Invest in a hydro power system

Invest in the future

Priority is given to the owners of water power sites whose sites are being developed to have the first opportunity to invest in projects.

Additional investment opportunities are available to Municipalities and private investors in some circumstances.

Investment in Greenbug Energy projects provides the opportunity to invest in economically viable green energy projects that offer reasonable rates of return secured by 40-year Ontario government Feed in Tariff Contract for the production of clean, sustainable small waterpower.

Investment by Municipalities provides local economic opportunities and a greener, healthier future for communities across the province.

When a site owner wishes to further invest in their waterpower project rather than just leasing their site, or when additional further investment is required beyond the site site owner and GreenBug investment, GreenBug’s lease with the site owner is transferred to a Limited Partnership. The lease is then between the site owner and the LP. The FIT contract is applied for by the Limited Partnership. Investors contribute cash only when all approvals are obtained the Detailed Project Plan is complete and the project is shovel ready.

To receive updates about opportunities for investment in Greenbug Energy projects, contact: