Conservation Authority
You’re ideally poised to lead us in a new direction.

As a Conservation Authority or other government affiliated entity with a mandate that relates to conservation and protection of the environment in many ways, you have authority over a large area and over various aspects of development and activities within that area.

You are ideally poised to lead us in a new direction, one which will conserve and protect the environment.

You’re ideally suited to do this because of your knowledge of the environment and your ability to assess the impact of new directions on the environment.  This means you can ensure that any new direction is given adequate consideration and oversight as it is introduced.

If you’re a Conservation Authority, you’re also government funded in at least some part in order to carry out your mandate.  Not only can you set a new direction that conserves and protects the environment you can also earn some extra revenue to support your primary operations.

There is also the real possibility of offsetting your carbon footprint as an organization in some cases.

If you control and own water control structures, we can work with you to install an Archimedes screw generator waterpower installation.   It can serve as an education tool and be a lighthouse project, showing others the way forward. Someone has to lead the way and demonstrate commitment to renewable energy and solving the energy problem.


At the same time, offsetting your organizations carbon footprint, and earning extra revenue for your organization and demonstrating your organizations progressive thinking and commitment to the environment.

No method of power generation is entirely free from environmental impact and water power is no exception.  Nuclear, coal, natural gas, even other renewable energy sources like waterpower all have impacts of some nature, however small, and as the externalities of our traditional sources of energy are starting to become more known and understood everyone is seeing the benefits of renewable sources of energy like water power.  The task we have is make those impacts as minor as possible and to maximize the benefits.

Our Archimedes screw systems do minimize those impacts by not managing naturally occurring water flows and therefore not affecting water levels.  They also allow safe fish passage downstream and fish passages can be incorporated for upstream fish movement.  We don’t advocate construction of new dams and infrastructure for micro hydro but where they already exist we believe their benefit should be maximized by incorporating water power at the site.

Your local constituents are likely to not only support you financially and otherwise but will also likely say “ It’s about time!”

What we do is increase the benefits from existing dams that for whatever reason society has deemed at some point in time necessary or beneficial in some way. If there is to be a dam, we believe the benefits should be maximized, one of these is to producing energy. We don’t advocate building new dams ourselves just for waterpower production.

A micro hydro project should not be started on a dam that you plan or want to decommission or don’t plan to maintain. The FIT contract is for 40 years, and ceasing generation before that involves penalties, and it would also violate any agreement we would have.

There is no doubt that some dams should not exist, their CONS in some cases now outweigh the PROS even if they made sense before to someone. But there are always going to be dams for a variety of reasons. We should be making sure we are producing energy from the dams that have valid reasons for existence in order to maximize their benefits to society and minimize their impacts by way of fish passages etc.