Partnership Formed to Develop Cargill Dam in Bruce County – Dec. 12, 2014

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Partnership Formed to Develop Cargill Dam in Bruce County

December 12, 2014 (Delhi, Ontario) -- Today GreenBug Energy Inc announced that it had a formed a partnership with Ches Counsell Homes Ltd of Thamesford for the purpose of developing its Cargill dam property in Cargill for electricity production. Cargill is located within Bruce County.
The partnership known as GreenBug Cargill Dam Limited Partnership plans to develop an approximately 300 kilowatt micro hydro-electric project at the site. The project consists of an Archimedes Screw Micro Hydro-Electric System installed beside the existing low-head dam. The facility will operate as a run-of-river facility utilizing the seasonal water flows in the Teeswater River. The site is adjacent to the Cargill Park.
“We couldn’t be happier to be selected by Ches Counsell Homes to develop its waterpower site. We plan to apply for a Small FIT Contract in 2015 and hopefully complete the project in 2016 after completing a Class Environment Assessment for Water Projects.” said Tony Bouk, Chief Executive Officer of GreenBug Energy.
The Archimedes screw, was developed by the Ancient Greek mathematician and engineer Archimedes of Syracuse around 200 B.C. for use as a pump mainly to irrigate fields, but GreenBug is utilizing the screw in reverse to harness the energy in falling water.
“GreenBug Energy has contributed a great deal of time and effort to make this project a reality. I have a lot of confidence in them.” Ches Counsel, President of Ches Counsell Homes said. “As we proceed with the project, I hope we can make part of the ownership available to local residents and others in Bruce County who are also interested in owning part of a renewable energy project. I believe this project is a step in the right direction to help reinvigorate Cargill.” he added.
GreenBug Energy designs, and manufactures Archimedes Screw Micro Hydro-Electric Systems for use on small weirs, dams, natural waterfalls and industrial outflows as low as one metre in height and sells and distributes the custom made systems domestically and internationally.

For more information contact Tony Bouk, CEO, GreenBug Energy, 1-519-582-8563 or email [email protected]

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