Greenbug Energy Inc. to Showcase Micro Hydro Archimedes Screw

For Immediate Release

GreenBug Energy Inc. to Showcase Micro Hydro Archimedes Screw Technology at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, Sept 11-13, 2012.

Everyone knows waterpower is affordable and reliable but they tend to think of it in terms of big projects similar to Niagara Falls. What most people don’t realize is that small micro and pico size systems are now financially feasible. This September at the Outdoor Farm Show GreenBug Energy will be showcasing just how feasible micro hydro can be by displaying their Archimedes Screw generator technology at their tradeshow booth located near the East entrance of the Farm Show.

GreenBug Energy’s Archimedes Screw generator technology is specifically suited to low head micro hydro sites. The screw on display is approximately 5 ft by 22 ft and is scheduled to be installed after the Farm Show into an existing small dam site on Fletcher’s Horse Farm in Norfolk County. The screw on display will be installed in the remnants of an old mill beside an existing low-head dam. The facility will then operate as a run-of-river facility utilizing the seasonal water flows of Nanticoke Creek. The site is projected to produce approximately 55,000 kWh of renewable energy annually.

Once the Archimedes screw technology is installed at Fletchers, GreenBug Energy will be inviting visitors to an open house demonstration event to showcase the finished project. Visitors to GreenBug Energy’s Outdoor Farm Show booth will have the opportunity to sign up for notification of the specific dates for this demonstration event. GreenBug Energy will also be offering free site assessments to visitors to the booth who may have a location that they think would be suited to micro hydro production.

GreenBug Energy is a micro hydro business that designs, manufactures and installs Archimedes Screw micro hydro-electric systems ranging in size from 1 kWh to 100 kWh systems that are either grid tied or off grid. Grid tied systems in Ontario can either be net-metered to offset your own usage or you can sell power to the grid via a FIT (Feed in tariff) contract with a 40 year term. GreenBug Energy’s micro hydro screw technology is suited for lower head sites of 1 meter to 10 meters in size. Head refers to the difference in height between the upper water level (behind the dam) and the lower water level (below the dam).