How much is a 10KW unit anyway?

I often encounter things on a daily basis that are interesting, and I’ll discuss things like this here, and hopefully you can comment on them as well.

I get asked all the time, “how much is a 10KW unit?”  as if there is a standard 10KW model.  But there isn’t.  There are many combinations of head and flow rate that can make up 10KW of power.  On top of that, which model are you talking about?  We have three models, one for the harsh freezing environments we see here in Canada and two others that are cheaper and simpler for non freezing environments.  And are we just talking about the screw generator equipment or fully installed?  So when you ask “how much is a 10KW unit”, expect me to pause for a minute while I take a deep breath and start to explain.  I get asked this so much, we are considering putting some small units directly for sale on the website.  We are also trying to put cost information together for viewing on the completed installations.  But tell me how we can do better and I’ll see what we can do.

I look forward to getting at least a few interesting questions and comments along the way!