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GreenBug Energy awarded the OWA 2014 Innovation Award

On Monday October 20th the Ontario Waterpower Association recognized GreenBug Energy for their leadership in innovation in the waterpower industry.

During the annual conference gala dinner event at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Tony Bouk accepted the OWA Innovation Award for 2014.

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Types of Turbines

Turbines are also divided by their principle of operation and can be: An Impulse turbine, which is driven by a high-velocity jet (or multiple jets) of water. A Reaction turbine. The rotor of a reaction turbine is fully immersed in water and is enclosed in a pressure casing. The runner blades are profiled so that pressure differences

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Flow Duration Curve

There are two ways of expressing the variation in river flow over the year: the annual hydrograph and the Flow Duration Curve or FDC, as illustrated below. The annual hydrograph is the easiest to understand, since it simply shows the day-by-day variation in flow over a calendar year. However, the FDC is more useful when

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